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Tell me how the creation of Alba LAZARÍ came about? 

Having made the decision to start my own fashion brand I really wanted to have a name that meant something to me personally. I was keen to make quality clothes and to me that meant having my clothes made in Europe – this automatically led me to choose Italy for my creations since they are renowned for their high quality all over the world, from the materials through the printing process and finishing. The LAZARÍ surname stems from the Italian origins of my mother’s family, established in Spain for many generations.

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What inspired you to leave interior design and start your own luxury fashion brand? 

I have always immersed myself in the arts. After graduating in Fine Arts I completed an MA in Textile Design and Technology followed by a formal training in Graphic Design and Interior Design.

Fashion and print design have always been of particular interest and after many successful years working on interior design projects I was given the opportunity to spend more time working in this area, which finally led to me striking out on my own and starting Alba LAZARÍ, a new creative project in the fashion world.

The brand was born as a tribute to the feminine universe, to fashion and its fusion with different artistic disciplines. Alba LAZARÍ was created and is directed to dress a bright, sophisticated and stylish woman.

I understand your career has been linked to artistic design and creation. Tell me how these designs have inspired your collections?

Alba LAZARÍ is a tribute to the feminine world, to fashion and its fusion with different artistic disciplines such as architecture, painting, film and design.

The “Balcone” Collection is inspired by Italy’s balconies, with their different architectural and artistic styles, and various functions. The Collection draws from the extensive range of colours given by the plants and decorations that adorn them. Balconies which by their nature embody the spirit of the area in which they are found.

The “Printemps” Collection is inspired by the painting of the same name by the French Impressionist, Edouard Manet, and captures his light, delicate and colourful style – the collection incorporates a sophisticated sense of colour, which highlights the female figure.

All Alba LAZARÍ collections are born from the combination of creativity and their inspiration in different artistic disciplines. The passion for the world of fashion, femininity and arts are aimed to dress a bright and stylish woman.

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What would be the ideal woman Alba LAZARÍ is targeting? 

The Alba LAZARÍ woman is bright, feminine, versatile, independent, confident and sensual. She is sophisticated and has her own distinctive style, a result of her innate elegance and knowledge. She knows what feels good, appreciates that the simple lines and timeless pieces are safe bets, but she also likes to experiment with fashion trends, design and colour, combining them harmoniously, without giving up classic beauty. She looks for exclusivity and well-designed clothes that make her feel feminine without ever losing her own style.

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There is a unique process in creating each outfit. Please kindly expand on how this process works and how your collection is created? 

Alba LAZARÍ collections are based on carefully designed lines which accentuate the female figure, with a focus on the world of colour and multiple colour combinations. All collections have a background of artistic inspiration. Nothing is there by chance, everything has a meaning.

The creativity takes form in the collections, which incorporate the latest trends in colours and fabrics, offering an exclusive and unique style to dress women.

In Alba LAZARÍ the sketches and initial ideas evolve to the final design of the garment, with a balance of shapes, colours and classic elegance.

Each and every Alba LAZARÍ garment is made entirely in Italy, following a long and complex process that starts with choosing which exquisite fabric to use for the creation, to ensure the one chosen has the correct texture to impart that feeling of being ‘special’ to our customers.

Our exclusive designs are printed for us in Italy on silk, where we also dye the fabrics in tune with the latest colour trends. The meticulous craftsmanship of Italian artisans, for which they are renowned the world over, ensures our garments are finished to the highest possible standards. I follow personally the whole process, from the initial sketches through to the final production.

What does the future hold for Alba LAZARÍ and what should your customers expect? 

The next collection from Alba LAZARÍ draws its inspiration from a famous, all time classic movie and our customers can expect the same artistic inspiration expressed through our unique and exclusive designs using premium materials.

Our sales have doubled during this year and we look forward to welcoming new customers to our brand. To wear an Alba LAZARÍ design is to know just how good ´feeling good´ can be!