This tip is for every vanity stricken individual who requires constant access to a mirror. Ever been in a situation where you frantically pull out your mirror to check if you have spinach in your teeth or to check if your lipstick requires a top up, only to find your mirror sm
Iris epitomises the term “Luxuriant Style” as her style cuts across age, grace, individuality and humour. Branded a “rare bird of fashion”, Iris Apfel has become a distinctive voice and role model in the fashion industry. With such a dynamic perspective, Iris has prono
You have been in the industry for over 30 years. Please tell me what made you decide to start “Fashion Showroom Demavinssy” and what was the inspiration behind your decision?  I started Showroom Demavinssy in 1985 whilst I was studying law. In that period, I had the opportunit