In the words of Tom Ford (paraphrased), “the red carpet is the new catwalk” where the latest collections from fashion week are transferred to showcase the latest trends.


As you know, it is quite common knowledge to ask a celebrity the questions: Who are you wearing? What season are you wearing? However for some reason, no one asks who styled your outfit? And my question is why?

In the past, the stylist (often known as the underdog) implements the hard task of a somewhat behind the scenes costume director by ensuring everything runs smoothly and that with the use of on-trend colour, style and fitting, their client is presented in the best possible light, is on top of trends such as . It is also the stylist’s role to discuss with the hair and makeup artists to ensure the style theme for the occasion works well.

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As media and social media have evolved, things are about to change for stylists, as there has been a sudden attention on these roles, a sudden light shone. Although we are used to hearing the names of stylists such as Rachel Zoe, Lori Goldstein, Monica Rose and June Ambrose; there are a lot more out there and now is their time to shine. 


This role includes a lot of facilitation and team work as well as communication with the client. Showcasing a certain degree of creativity, organisation & thought which goes into the preparation for an event, shoot or just looking awesome at all times.


As the award season continues, the next time a presenter asks questions on the red carpet, it might be worth asking the question “who styled your look?” I believe this question is very important, a question which is worth asking for the work which has gone into making the celebrity look awesome. I think the time has come for the spotlight to shine on the ingenuity of the stylist!



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