Linda, a lady of many talents and different hats – Photographer, Freelance stylist and Founder of Rodin Olio Lusso.

Having lived in Italy for a few years, Linda embraced the culture and the language before moving back to New York. Linda worked in photography where her flare for selecting “the best outfits” for each shoot was noticed. This led her to try her hands on designing clothes and owning a boutique before she later ventured into fashion styling. Linda has worked as a freelance stylist alongside numerous supermodels and celebrities over the last three decades.

At Luxuriant Style, we embrace Linda’s mind-set of dressing in a stylish yet comfortable manner. We believe in the individuality of style and though trends are ever changing, we agree with Linda and accept as true that if a particular trend does not “work on you, there is no point in following” it.

Linda, Luxuriant Style adores your creativity and the work you have attained in the fashion industry, Salute!

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