You have been in the industry for over 30 years. Please tell me what made you decide to start “Fashion Showroom Demavinssy” and what was the inspiration behind your decision?

 I started Showroom Demavinssy in 1985 whilst I was studying law. In that period, I had the opportunity to work with Piero Fornasetti, reviewing their distribution contracts. Whist working at Piero Fornasetti, my work and advice was highly appreciated and I developed an acquaintanceship with the staff and was presented the opportunity to work with Piero Fornasetti as a brand distributor.

Long story short, I accepted this position and took on the opportunity as a personal challenge and objective to develop their brand. Piero Fornasetti became a huge success and as a result, the biggest stores and department stores came to buy from this brand. I recall my first client was l’Eclaireur and after numerous opportunities, with time I developed my first permanent Showroom in Le Marais; and from there, I moved to the Place Vendôme, where I still am today.

How would you describe the evolution of high end fashion/couture over the last 3 decades?

It is amazing to see how various events in history have influenced and changed the way people have dressed over time. The Fashion styles/items I sold in 1986 are coming back again and sometimes I reflect on this evolution, which still makes me marvel. Often certain fashion trends are dependent on the tastes of particular groups, as well as people associated with social status/influence (i.e. celebrities, big designers) or cultural preferences such as the type of music an individual prefers. In terms of talent and skill, I do not believe there is a vast evolution, as more designers try to distribute their collections in such a competitive market. As a designer, to thrive would require a special unique quality/skill as well as a strong desire to succeed. Numerous young designers are still inspired by the biggest fashion houses and designers; thus the “living dreams” remain very prominent in the level of influence exuded in the fashion industry.

You are recognised in the industry for identifying young talented designers and making them national and internationally known. How do you go about selecting your designers and marketing them?

I love discovering young creative talent – and I feel a responsibility to identify and promote these new artists and designers. Each talent has to be remarkably distinct, yet worth sharing which is what makes it extremely worthwhile. Such talent should embrace an amalgamation of a promising attitude and unspoilt creative thinking, as such a combination has the power to inspire and redefine. As being responsible for the distribution, I regularly check additional criteria such as fittings, quality, production ability, etc.

Which up and coming designer would you say is the “one to watch” for this season?

I would prefer to mention this after I have seen the runway shows for SS16, as then I would have a clearer idea of the exact ones to watch. Though I must say from the last season, I was quite impressed with “Lemaire’s” collection.

Tell me about one of your designers and the inspiration behind their design for the SS16?

I would like to tell you about S=YZ, whose inspiration for the upcoming 2016 S/S is the CAROUSEL, MERRY GO ROUND. S=YZ got inspired by the carousel which shows off its colourful beauty and classical shapes although might conversely be perceived in the form of sceptical sadness.

Beautiful colours and gorgeous shapes of the horses on the carousel connote happiness and the joy of life. From a pragmatic perspective, those on a merry go round have no other way to enjoy the ride, other than to keep going round and round, thus unable to escape the rotation, which we know is the essence of the ride. On the contrary, such rotation can also be likened to the fatalistic rotation of life, though we ought not be depressed by a fatalistic destiny, but we should conversely remind ourselves of our joys in life including our childhood, when we had less cares and would innocently get on a merry go round, with great excitement.

As we are aware, a carousel which has up and downs and keeps going round and round, can be likened to life as we know it… C’est la vie.

In summation, the inspiration behind S=YZ’ s design for SS16 is that no matter our destiny, we should always remain in high spirits and enjoy our lives like innocent and care free children would on a merry go round.


What are the key factors designers consider in determining fashion colours for each seasons?

Each designer has to follow the patterns book created by the federation of couture.

What up and coming trends have you noticed for the next fashion season?

Flower Power and black and white.


If you were to represent much bigger designers, what top 3 designers would you represent?

Thankfully, I have had the opportunity to represent the best brands, those I had envisaged representing throughout my career, so I do not have a favourite brand per se; however from a business standpoint, I would say that my top choice would be a brand that has an existing business presence with a high potential and desire to succeed.

Is there anything you would like the fashion industry to know about Fashion Showroom Demavinssy, that they might not already be aware of?

I have a lot in the pipeline at the moment and I have a young, talented and innovative team working with me, who bring great new ideas to the table on a daily basis. My team inspires me and are continuously inspired and upon completion of what we are working on, we intend introducing this idea to the fashion industry at some point in 2016.

As an additional bonus question for all the young designers out there, what would you say is the next high end fashion style you are looking to capture/represent in Fashion Showroom Demavinssy?

I am not necessarily looking for a particular style; however I am looking for a remarkably distinct designer with the skill-set I previously mentioned.

Where do you think the future of Fashion Showroom Demavinssy is headed?

In the near future, I would love to represent more designers who are already known at a national and international level. The objective would be to develop these designers on a more international platform, especially in the US and Asia, by pushing their brands closer to a multi brand strategy via a mono brand strategy.

Find more here: www.demavinssy.com