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As editor-at-large and creative consultant at Vogue Japan, Anna has pushed the boundary with her diverse style and amazing strut. As fashion royalty, Anna “never wears the same outfit twice”, is a “common fixture in the front row of fashion shows” and is a “close friend to many of the world’s top designers”.

For Anna, courage and style go hand in hand; and at Luxuriant Style, we endorse Anna’s fierce, amplified and immaculate style!


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A zealous disposition, a fiery top piece, and one of the most influential posts in the industry – for the past few decades a large majority of those who held an interest in the fashion industry knew the impact of this icon; however, it wasn’t until 2009 that the crowds on the outskirts of the field were enlightened to the magnificence that is Grace Coddington.

Until her role in one of the most popular fashion documentaries to date – The September Issue –

the genius and splendour of one of the world’s greatest stylists/creative directors/visionaries had been “insider knowledge”.

Grace has always made waves throughout her career. Known for her penchant for old-world aesthetic, mixed with contemporary designs, she excels at achieving the most ethereal images.

Over the span of her more than thirty-year career, Coddington has worked with the industry’s most revered photographers, models, fashion houses – and the list goes on. From Meisel, Chanel, Dior and more, she has conquered every corner. In addition, she has managed to accomplish a master list of tasks while maintaining her signature style of solid cuts, colours and combinations with the occasional injection of whimsy.

Based on all of your accomplishments and magnificent talent, Grace Coddington, Luxuriant Style esteems you!

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Linda, a lady of many talents and different hats – Photographer, Freelance stylist and Founder of Rodin Olio Lusso.

Having lived in Italy for a few years, Linda embraced the culture and the language before moving back to New York. Linda worked in photography where her flare for selecting “the best outfits” for each shoot was noticed. This led her to try her hands on designing clothes and owning a boutique before she later ventured into fashion styling. Linda has worked as a freelance stylist alongside numerous supermodels and celebrities over the last three decades.

At Luxuriant Style, we embrace Linda’s mind-set of dressing in a stylish yet comfortable manner. We believe in the individuality of style and though trends are ever changing, we agree with Linda and accept as true that if a particular trend does not “work on you, there is no point in following” it.

Linda, Luxuriant Style adores your creativity and the work you have attained in the fashion industry, Salute!

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A photo posted by Iris Apfel (@iris.apfel) on

A photo posted by Iris Apfel (@iris.apfel) on

A photo posted by Iris Apfel (@iris.apfel) on

Iris epitomises the term “Luxuriant Style” as her style cuts across age, grace, individuality and humour.

Branded a “rare bird of fashion”, Iris Apfel has become a distinctive voice and role model in the fashion industry. With such a dynamic perspective, Iris has pronounced the need for accessibility in the fashion industry by creating an awareness that high fashion might not always be accessible or affordable and in order to exude originality and exclusivity, keeping an open mind creates “a new vision through clothing and accessories”.

With great life experiences and a “pulse of excitement about living”, Iris’ ability to embrace other cultures worldwide provides a unique perspective the fashion industry admires. Iris has motivated several in believing life is an exciting “journey and a blessing” and having the right mind-set makes a difference. For example, one of Iris’ numerous quotes is “if you are not interested, you cannot be interesting”.

At Luxuriant Style we believe true excitement can be found in “getting dressed for the party”, with the ability to “improvise” with “no rules”. Whether it be interior design, fashion or lifestyle, as a style icon and inspiration, Iris Apfel, we acknowledge you!

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