If you have an out of town meeting, ensuring you have packed the right things can be trouble enough and when you arrive, you would want to make sure you are good-to-go for the moment you disembark.

As you are aware, creases are one of the biggest obstacles when trying to do this!!

So, here’s a quick tip to help reduce your chance of creases.

When it comes to shirts, knitwear and other “softs”, folding them in sharp shapes or rolling will do well (depending on the piece). For suiting and outerwear, it is usually best to fold the garment inside-out and fold it upon itself. The lining of suits and outerwear is generally made of a synthetic fabric such as viscose. A principal benefit of this fabric (among others) is that it is generally crease-resistant, and as such, folding the piece on the inner material protects the outer material from being manipulated throughout your travel.

Combining this trick with packing the piece neatly, will certainly aid in giving you a crisp garment that is ready to wear as soon as you get off of the train or plane!