Style Tips

In the spirit of thanksgiving and with a huge autumnal focus, the pumpkin provides numerous benefits, including hair growth.

Loaded with Vitamins A, K, B, zinc and sulphur, the consumption of pumpkin seeds would give you healthy, shiny and thick hair, in a cost effective manner.

As you indulge this thanksgiving, enjoy this autumnal feature while it lasts!

(Source: elephant journal and style craze)

As winter fast approaches, you often realise that the skin on your faces loses moisture.

To maintain that “winter glow”, we recommend a salt & honey exfoliating scrub.

How does it work?

To make 1 portion, use:

* 1 table spoon of organic honey;

* 1 teaspoon of salt;

* A few drops of olive oil;

* Once mixed together for a few minutes, apply to your face (avoiding your eyes);

* Leave on for about 15-20 minutes and rinse away immediately after;

* Apply moisturiser to your face.

The benefit of exfoliating with salt and honey is that it acts as an anti-oxidant as well as traps moisture by hydrating your skin and consequently leaving you with an extra glow!

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This is more of a necessity than a Lifestyle tip.

As we all know in order to function effectively, we require a certain number of sleeping hours.

Whilst the nocturnal and sleep deprived will frequently scream fatigue, those who get a good amount of sleep tend to have refreshed skin, less dark circles and bags under their eyes and are generally less grumpy.

So how does it work?

It often requires switching off the lights, lying in bed, wearing a sleeping mask and shutting your eyes.

What does weight loss have to do with it?

Thinking logically, the less hours you are awake, the less time you have for a midnight snack. Also, the more sleep you get, the better your “circadian rhythm” (i.e. your body clock rhythm) becomes which improves your hormonal balance, thus helping you stay slim whilst you sleep.

We cannot think of anything more beneficial and rewarding!!

(Source: here)

Make-up FoundationBlank empty tablet computer on beach. Summer accessories  pool.

This tip is for those who love their makeup and want to keep it on them at all times!

We understand when travelling for business or a short break, make up products and a make-up bag can contribute towards excess weight or exceeding the liquid hand luggage allowance.

The liquid container which can be bought in your various stores and can also be labelled, is a quick and easy way to transfer your make-up and other liquids whilst you travel – a win-win situation!


If there is a pet peeve that most people can agree on, it is a poorly tailored suit. A second that goes hand-in-hand with that is a messy shirt and tie.

Tailoring a suit well is a whole different subject matter. However, there is something that men can do to keep their shirt tucked in nice and neat throughout the day, and that is by using a pair of “shirt-stays”.

This (unfortunately) fairly unknown item really does make a big difference to your overall presentation and in part to your overall feeling in your suit. One end attaches to the top of the sock while the other to the tail of the shirt and voila! Your socks are kept up and shirt tucked in, helping to maintain a sharp image throughout the day.

P.S. Don’t forget that a tie clip can really help to not only keep your tie in place, but also elevate the overall look of your suit. Finish off with a pair of collar stays to give that collar a clean structure to emphasise your tie-knot.

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