Style Tips


If you have an out of town meeting, ensuring you have packed the right things can be trouble enough and when you arrive, you would want to make sure you are good-to-go for the moment you disembark.

As you are aware, creases are one of the biggest obstacles when trying to do this!!

So, here’s a quick tip to help reduce your chance of creases.

When it comes to shirts, knitwear and other “softs”, folding them in sharp shapes or rolling will do well (depending on the piece). For suiting and outerwear, it is usually best to fold the garment inside-out and fold it upon itself. The lining of suits and outerwear is generally made of a synthetic fabric such as viscose. A principal benefit of this fabric (among others) is that it is generally crease-resistant, and as such, folding the piece on the inner material protects the outer material from being manipulated throughout your travel.

Combining this trick with packing the piece neatly, will certainly aid in giving you a crisp garment that is ready to wear as soon as you get off of the train or plane!

The Coconut

In an ideal world, picture yourself on a beach somewhere laying in the shade with a straw hat on and a coconut in your hand; now pause, let’s rewind to the phrase “coconut in your hand”.

As you are aware, there has been an immense focus on the coconut over the past few years for its numerous benefits. One of the main benefits of the coconut is its oil.


How is it beneficial?

* It produces clearer skin

It is best advised to take a teaspoon of raw uncooked coconut oil and massage it on your skin which helps with the reduction of spots and makes the skin healthy internally & externally.

* It produces healthier hair

Its benefits for hair are varied and cover aspects such as locking in moisture, protection from damage, hair softening, creating volume, reducing scalp irritation and making your hair smell lovely.

In a nutshell, you do not have to wait until a holiday to reap the benefits of a coconut as this can be achieved on a daily basis.

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cara-delevingne-by-alasdair-mclellan-for-vogue-uk-january-2014 1327089daf86943575ede39f708ae57e 9342d6044109c8e44d9923bf9f123cfb

In the era of Cara Delevingne dominating the catwalk, fuller “brows” have been the focus of the media, beauticians and beauty conscious audiences.

Eyebrows can thin out due to numerous reasons, such as stress and over tampering on a regular basis.

To grow fuller brows, we recommend the use of Castor oil.

Castor oil has stood the test of time and is known for hair and eyebrow growth.

How does it work?

  • Apply castor oil to a cotton pad;
  •  Apply the cotton pad to your eyebrows once a day;
  • Watch those brows grow quicker and fuller overtime.

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This tip is for every vanity stricken individual who requires constant access to a mirror.

fashion interior photo of beautiful sensual woman with dark hair doing makeup in makeup roomlooking at the mirror ** Note: Soft Focus at 100%, best at smaller sizes

Ever been in a situation where you frantically pull out your mirror to check if you have spinach in your teeth or to check if your lipstick requires a top up, only to find your mirror smudged?

I introduce you to the smudge eliminator – “Talcum Powder”.

How does this work?

  • Sprinkle a small amount of talcum powder on your mirror;
  • Take a dry cloth;
  • Wipe the surface of the mirror continuously with the dry cloth;
  • Once wiped several times, your mirror should be “smudge free” and you should be able to see a clearer reflection of…YOU.

An affordable tip which can also be used to clean mirrors at home. You should be  able to grab your hands on one of these in your nearest pharmacy.