Founder and Agency Director

As the Founder and visionary, Sope’s approach towards styling is very pragmatic as she believes style boils down to having great range. An ability to morph without completely losing one’s identity. Sope has a natural flair for clothes and takes inspiration from style icons, style eras and street style.

Through listening to client’s needs, Luxuriant Style has established a global presence and continues to build great relationships within the industry.

In her spare time, she enjoys travelling and spending time with family and friends.

Jordan Thomas

Regional Stylist, US

Responsible for managing the US team, Jordan as a high fashion stylist and cut and sew designer styles clients with elegant couture one of a kind pieces empowering women and men to feel and look their best. Jordan’s objective is for all of her clients to be able to see their true beauty and capacity. Outside of styling, Jordan curates events for small businesses.

Vanessa Andrade

Stylist, NY

Andrade has been styling for 3 years from Miami to New York City. She’s interested in mixing unorthodox patterns and pairing subtle looks with luxurious fabrics. Her personal style is loud, in a grunge meets art pop way. Andrade is also a techno and house DJ who enjoys dancing and playing music.

Pamela Cruz

Stylist, LA

Pamela currently works with clients in the Los Angeles region. At a young age her love and inspiration of fashion came from watching her mom always looking so glam. Although friends and family encouraged her to go into styling, she pursued a degree in acting, but after moving to Los Angeles in 2014, she realized how much she was destined for fashion! She draws many of her inspirations from people she’s met and her experiences along the way. Outside of work, Pamela enjoys teaching ballroom dancing at a local studio.

James Paul

Stylist, LA

James Paul is a Celebrity Stylist and Fashion Designer based in Los Angeles. Other than fashion, James is a singer/songwriter who composes music for himself and local/upcoming artists.

Samreen Kazi

Stylist, Dubai

With a background in Fashion Design and Marketing, Samreen works with clients in the Middle East region and applies her background and skill set to styling on a daily basis. Outside of work, Samreen enjoys reading, writing poetry, painting, listening to R & B music and attending challenging boot camp classes.