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Tastylia Wholesaler TERMS AND CONDITIONS

  1. http://ojaicafeemporium.com/our-story/ojaicafeemporium.com INTERPRETATION 
    In these Terms and Conditions, the following words and phrases shall bear the following meanings:
  • “The Consultant” shall mean Luxuriant Style.
  • “The Client” shall mean the individual to receive the Service to be provided by the Consultant.
  • “The Service” shall mean the personal shopping, styling and consulting services to be provided by the Consultant to the Client.
  • “The person booking the Service” shall mean the individual or organisation booking the Service with the Consultant, regardless of whether this is the Client or not.

http://graphics-remarkable.com/test-post-from-my-iphone-6/?share=facebook 2. ACCEPTANCE OF YOUR ORDER

2.1. When placing an order, the Consultant would provide you with a payment brochure, which would provide you with an indication of prices alongside any terms and conditions which apply.

2.2. Once the Client has accepted our terms and conditions and payment of the Consultants fees, a contract would be established between the Client and the Consultant which would be binding. The contract would be concluded in England and would be governed by the laws of England and Wales.

2.3. A booking would only be secure with the Consultant once the fees quoted for the Service have been paid to the Consultant.

2.4 As the Consultant, we reserve the right to reject any orders if we do not receive full payment or if a product is sold out. Upon our discretion, we may also refuse to process or accept your transaction or to provide our Service.


3.1. Fees for personal styling and consulting services must be paid in advance and are non-refundable neither to the Client or the third party who booked the service on the Clients behalf.

3.2. For corporate services, a 50% deposit of the total fee must be paid in advance, with an invoice issued for the outstanding fee within 7 days of the event.

3.3. When shopping for a specific item, our fees would range from 15-30% of the purchase price and would be based on the time spent on searching for the item, purchasing the item and delivering the requested item.

3.4. Depending on the service requested, our fee would vary and would be included within our pricing brochure.

3.5. An additional fee would be charged in instances where an item is purchased from a reseller or for specific rare items. In such cases, our clients would be notified whilst making an enquiry.

3.6. We would charge shipping and handling costs to our Clients based on the prices we obtain from FedEX or DHL. On occasions where your item requires an export licence, the cost of obtaining the licence would be additional.


4.1. We would accept PayPal payments, with an additional charge which would coincide with PayPal’s fee charged on us.

4.2. Our Clients can pay by International BACS transfer which can be arranged directly with the Client’s bank.

4.3. We accept credit card or debit card payments (including American Express).

4.4. We accept a reasonable duty of care to keep your order and payment details secure. In circumstances where there is negligence not on our part, we cannot be held liable for any loss which occurs, if any third party obtains access to any information you provide when accessing or ordering from our site.


5.1. Alterations of appointment times for personal services can be made once (24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment), without any charge being incurred.

5.2. Cancellations for personal services can be made 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment, though the Client would be charged half the cost of the service.

5.3. Cancellations for personal services made within 24 hours would not be refunded.

5.4. Alterations of appointment times for corporate services can be made on 3 occasions without any charge being incurred. Subsequently, charges would be incurred if further changes occur, though a new booking would be issued to the Client by the Consultant.

5.5. Cancellations for corporate services made 7 days prior to the scheduled appointment would result in the deposit paid in advance not being reimbursed.

5.6. Corporate cancellations made within 7 days, would result in full payment being made and the Consultant would issue the Client an invoice for the remainder of the fee.


6.1. Prior to purchasing an item, we would review each item on your behalf and take pictures of each item which would be emailed to you, prior to delivery.

6.2. To exchange or return any item, please refer to section 9 of the Terms and Conditions document.


7.1. Our objective is to dispatch all orders through DHL or FedEx, within 24 hours of completing the purchase.

7.2. Our delivery times are a guide and delivery would commence from the date of dispatchment.

7.3. We do not assume any responsibility for any delays caused by the destination customs clearance processes.

7.4. Our insurance coverage would only cover each item from the period the item is in transit until it has been delivered to the relevant delivery address. We would require a signature for any goods delivered, which would then transfer the onus for your purchased goods to you. If a specific recipient other than you accepts the item, you accept that evidence of a signature by the recipient (or the delivery address) as an indication of delivery and fulfilment of the Consultant’s duty to transfer the responsibility in the same way.

7.5. When a transaction has been carried out by credit card, the Consultant would only ship to billing addresses.

7.6. A CITES shipping certificate would be required in instances where international shipping of exotic skin items are carried out. An application for this would take between 10-15 working days.


8.1. Clients receiving deliveries outside the UK may be subject to an import duty or formal custom entry fees.

8.2. Custom or import duties are charged once the item reaches the destination country, of which the charge becomes the responsibility of the Client and must be paid by the relevant recipient.

8.3. The Consultant cannot exert any control over these charges and cannot indicate the amount of the cost, as it varies depending on the destination country.


9.1. If unhappy with your item because of the size or colour, please contact us via email (info@luxuriantstyle.com ) within 24 hours of receiving the item as late returns would not be qualified for exchange or return.

9.2. Items being returned must be sent back within 5 days in an unused condition, with the designer garment tags still affixed to the item.

9.3. Returns damaged or soiled would be refused and sent back to the client/or a refund would be refused. Where provided, belts and designer packaging (authenticity cards, dust bags, and leather tags) should also be returned with the product.

9.4. All shoes purchased should be tried on a carpeted surface prior to wearing.

9.5. When returning a product, use an international courier service, such as DHL or FedEx, with insurance paid as the Client would be responsible for the delivery charge.

9.6. For returns, receiving a full refund or credit note would depend on the return policy of the store where the item was purchased from.

9.7. For accessories or exotic skins where the store does not accept refunds, this would also apply to us, the Consultant.

9.8. If qualified for a refund, a refund would be provided for the item returned in the form of store credit with the Consultant for the branded item you returned or cash, which upon the Client’s preference, the Consultant can return to the Client’s bank account or  keep the money on account with us, the Consultant for your next purchase.

9.9. Delivery costs and fees are non-refundable in cases of returns.

9.10. For returns, the Consultant would organise an exchange in colour or size dependant on availability.

9.11. The Consultant would not charge the Client for the time spent to exchange the item, although the Client would be responsible for the delivery cost.

9.12. International purchases whereby items are bought outside of the UK are undoubtedly non-refundable. The Client’s statutory rights would not be impacted if the item is faulty.

9.13. Please be advised that certain designers and items are non-refundable and not eligible for exchange once a deposit or full payment has been made. These would be made apparent upon request and would not impact your statutory rights, as a Client if the goods are faulty.


10.1. Where travel outside of London, United Kingdom is required, the Consultant would provide a fee quote to the Client based on the Client’s specific requirements.

10.2. The fee quote would include the cost of travel, accommodation and travel insurance (where necessary), which would be payable by the Client.


11.1. The Client acknowledges and agrees that the Services performed by the Consultant and any other individuals working for the Client shall be as an independent contractor and would not be deemed a Partnership or joint venture, between the parties.


12.1 Both Parties (Client and Consultant) would not be in a position to disclose any information of the other which comes into its possession under or in relation to this Agreement and which is of a confidential nature.



13.1.1. Information would be gathered when you contact us to place an order.

13.1.2 When placing an order, information required would include name, address, email address and relevant information necessary for carrying out the transaction.

13.1.3 To fulfil your order, we might be required to share your information with certain third party suppliers.

13.1.4 We do not collect any information deemed “sensitive personal data” under the Data Protection Act 1998.

13.1.5. Client and enquiry email addresses are entered into a database to provide our Clients with advice or occasional updates on information beneficial to the Client.


13.2.1. Cookies are created by websites and are small pieces of text information stored on your computer.

13.2.2. The website uses cookies to aid our understanding and monitor how the website is used, as well as to improve the user experience.

13.2.3. There is no other information stored in cookies neither are cookies used for any other purposes.

13.3. CONSENT 

13.3.1. Submission of an enquiry or placing an order would be deemed your consent to provide us with your details.

13.3.1. We use no other means of data collection.


13.4.1. We use PayPal to secure payments.

13.4.2. Where credit cards are used, we ask you to pay the amount directly into our bank account.

These Terms & Conditions are subject to and shall be construed in accordance with English Law, including applicable EU laws, and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of only a Court or Tribunal in this jurisdiction i.e. England and Wales and the parties hereto agree that the English Courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction.