How to rearrange your wardrobe when anticipating a change in season!

In the thick of winter, I presume your warm clothing is at the fore front of your wardrobe. If not, do not panic, we know it can be quite tricky manoeuvring your way through your closet.

When approaching the end of a season and anticipating the next, we advise that your wardrobe should be organised in 3 categories:

  • Current – For example, in the winter season, warm clothing such as cashmere sweaters and thermal layers ought to be at the top of your go to pile.
  • Transitional – Clothing worn during the “cross-over” period between seasons should be a combination of the current and incoming. As the season does not suddenly change overnight, having this section in your wardrobe is a definite necessity.
  • Incoming – These are predominantly clothes from the next season. As you would have anticipated (i.e. through the transitional period), these clothes should not be difficult to get a reach of when the season finally changes.

In advance of the in-between period from winter to spring, we hope we have made your wardrobe transition a lot easier!